frameless slider feature

Series 7500TM Frameless Slider

Effective Space Utilisation

The Series 7500™ Frameless Slider design facilitates the installation of a full size shower enclosure even when bathroom space is at a premium. Proximity of vanities, toilets and baths restricting access to the shower enclosure is no longer an issue

Design Flexibility

Series 7500™ Frameless Slider can be designed for installation into a variety of bathroom configurations. Ask your distributor for advice on a design to suit your requirements.

Water Resistance

Series 7500™ Frameless Slider utilises a fixed panel and overlapping door configuration. Combined with magnetic door seals or water and bulb seals greatly improves water splash resistance. The purpose designed sill directs water run-off back into the shower recess ensuring your bathroom remains dry and safe.

Low Maintenance

Cleverly designed sill and quick release bottom rollers featured in all Series 7500™ Frameless Slider shower screens are designed to minimise soap accumulation, and provide easy access for cleaning.

Premium Operation

The smooth sliding action of the frameless doors are enhanced by dual roller carriages featuring stainless steel bearings, ensuring premium operation at all times.