series 7400tm frameless corner entry

Series 7400TM Frameless Corner Entry

Exceptional Value

Indulge your imagination and create an absolute premium bathroom design at a surprisingly affordable price.

Effective Space Utilisation

Dual frameless sliding doors enable corner entry to the shower enclosure, providing clear and easy access. The Series 7400™ Frameless Corner Entry design facilitates the installation of a full size shower enclosure even when bathroom space is at a premium. Proximity of vanities, toilets and baths restricting access to the shower enclosure is no longer an issue.

Magnetic Closure

Full length magnetic door seals, provide a positive close on point-of-entry which eliminates door roll back and creates impressive water splash resistance improving bathroom safety and function.

Low Maintenance

Cleverly designed sill and quick release bottom rollers featured in all Series 7400™ Frameless Corner Entry shower screens are designed to minimise soap accumulation, and provide easy access for cleaning.